Entre los hallazgos más interesantes de los investigadores se encuentra que el CBD pudo provocar estos efectos analgésicos sin afectar la efectividad de los tratamientos de quimioterapia. La quimioterapia fue capaz de inhibir la viabilidad de las células de cáncer de mama tanto en los ratones que recibieron CBD como en los ratones que no lo recibieron.
Oils are hot in the beauty world. As a beauty editor, I’ve slathered everything short of butter onto my face: argan, coconut, rosehip, sandalwood, chia, neroli, calendula, mandarin, macadamia, rice bran, seabuckthorn, patchouli, grapefruit seed, sesame seed, soybean, sweet almond, pomegranate seed, lemon myrtle, sunflower seed—even extra virgin olive oil from my pantry when I was desperate. I’ve washed my face with oil-based cleansers, and dabbed expensive mixtures being sold as “face oils” onto my skin in hopes of achieving that Instagram-ready glow. Contrary to popular belief, the right oil is actually good for your face and won’t clog your pores. Your skin needs a reasonable amount of oil to do its business; as a matter of fact, if you scrub away all your natural face oil (as I was prone to do with rubbing alcohol as a frustrated and misguided pizza-faced teen), you may actually be prone to more breakouts as your skin tries to make up for the imbalance. As cannabis meets up with the mainstream beauty world, cannabidiol (CBD) oil may be the next big thing.
2. In a second pan, add the mango seed butter, olive oil (or the “foundation oil”), sunflower lecithin, Simpson oil and the powdered 5-Loxin or Boswellia Serrata extract powder. Melt these together at about 140 – 200 degrees or the low setting on your burner. This is a very gentle melting process, don’t let the oil bubble or burn. Stir frequently until all ingredients are melted together. Remove from the burner after this has melted and add all of the essential oils.
CBD Oil refers to CBD-infused products that contain CBD suspended in an oily base, such as vegetable glycerin, hemp seed oil, or another plant-derived oil. Sublingual oils are ideal because they allow for rapid absorption of CBD through the membrane under your tongue directly into your bloodstream. CBD Oils are available in both low and high doses, and droppers built into the cap make it easy to measure your proper dose. CBD Oils are the most popular kind of CBD product thanks to their ease of use and rapid effects.
Además se demostró que CDB ejerce un efecto quimioprofiláctico en un modelo murino de cáncer de colon.[21] En este sistema experimental, el azoximetano aumentó las lesiones premalignas y malignas en el colon murino. La administración simultánea de azoximetano y CBD protegió a los ratones tratados de la formación de lesiones premalignas y malignas. En experimentos in vitro con líneas celulares de cáncer colorrectal, los investigadores hallaron que CBD protegía el ADN contra el daño oxidativo, aumentaba las concentraciones de endocanabinoides y reducía la proliferación celular. En un estudio posterior, los investigadores encontraron que los antagonistas selectivos de los receptores CB1, pero no de los receptores CB2, contrarrestaron el efecto antiproliferativo de CDB, lo que indica una participación de los receptores CB1.[22]

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